As we sift through our collection of plastic from 1000 yards of beach the first differentiation is by color. 40-some years ago, during our college years, the pedagogic pattern in most art schools, came from the Bauhaus. Johannes Itten (1888-1967) was an instructor at the Bauhaus school and was famous for his treatise on color, The Art of Color. His great question "What color is it?" sparks our reverie as we glean plastic from the beach. What green is it — olive, forest, mantis, teal? What blue — baby, navy, cobalt, ultramarine? Color exists in context and is influenced by what color it is next to. The question of "What color is it?" is often asked of us. We answer, "Red, yes, but which red: purple-red, orange-red, light red (pink)." So we've tried to answer the question with this series of photographs titled Chromas. The colors are just as we find them. Simple pieces of color put together in a considered way are the basis of how we go about our work. Colors are like musical tones, keys on a keyboard and when placed compositionally together become like a song.

Archival pigment prints on Moab Entrada fine art paper are available.
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